Levi's 100 YARDS Block Festival

In early 2011, we started planning an urban festival with our friends over at IMA WORLD. When the project started to materialize, we actually founded a new company named 100 YARDS GmbH. After 18 months of planning, we hosted Germany's first Block Festival. With the support of Levi's® and our other partners (25hours Hotels, Swatch, Mini, intro, Prinz, YOU FM), we were able to create a day full of good music, which attracted around 3.000 people. Headliner of the block festival was hip hop legend NAS. Hip Hop Fans also had the opportunity to see THE PHARCYDE perform. Still, 100 YARDS is not a Hip Hop Festival, and therefore also featured Acts like Azari & III, Breakbot, Auletta and Laing.

Between the live performances, we had DJs playing sets, which gave the event a block party feeling. Adding the fact that the venue was a 100-yard-long dead end street right in the middle of Frankfurt, made this an unique urban experience for our guests. For us, this concept is perfectly described by the term block festival, as it represents the perfect blend of block party and festival.

Website: http://www.100yards.de
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/100YARDS