We proudly present our new event series "IN SESSION"!

On Tuesday, 19th June 2011, IN SESSION VOLUME 1 is starring one of our favourite artists: Soul musician CODY CHESTNUTT from Atlanta, Georgia. Along with THE ROOTS he released a new edition of his track "THE SEED", called "THE SEED (2.0)" in 2002, which became a worldwide success.

After the Montreaux Jazz Festival and with his 12 men band, the exciting force within the field of music will perform simply one exclusive show in Germany at our beloved 25H LEVIS HOTEL backyard.

In addition to the special evening our DJs – DJ PASSION and JACKMODE - will play their favourite records in a real bloc party manner ;-)

Due to the very exclusive location please be aware of the limited availability of tickets for the show.

Buy tickets now on www.yosoymusic.com or at the IMA Restaurants in Frankfurt.

For further inquiries please contact us.

Yours truly,